18 And Confused

I'm 18 and been seeing this guy for and year and half, he didnt want a gf cuz he has had bad experience with relationships, obviously I love the lad so I'll wait.. We have been great BUT I recently seen he was on a site called plenty of fish.. I saw it on his phone so obviously went crazy he kept telling me he friend was on it he don't use it.. Well the messages he sent to girl saying he likes a girl to be dominate and controlling and giving his number out gave me suspicions he was lying but i gave him the benefit of doubt. Well been 3 months later I'm still paranoid so I made my own account only to see he was online still :/ I asked him about it but he still says he's not on it.. I can't help but think he is because we have recently argued about it and he keeps poping online and off it.. He's lying to me I think, I guess I come on here to say my story as I don't have no1 who will listen :/ if you read this then thanks for listening, I don't know what to do
ImNewToThisx ImNewToThisx
May 10, 2012

Wait till he think considering you.