Can't Cope On My Own!

I don't understand the concept of why people like their own space, yes for some hours okay but not for days on end! I come from a big family always the life and soul of the parties, and Uni I have enjoyed it and I have made new friends etc. But I am too old to go back home for the Summer and I am the only one staying in this city and I can't cope being on my own. I have never done it nor do I ever want to do it! I think I am going to last a week tops here. What on earth do I do?

And my so called Mate who won't talk to me won't help me!
CountryBumkin CountryBumkin
3 Responses May 11, 2012

Waitress is a good film

I thought I could do all these wonderful things that I had planned and I have received a lot of criticism, and I am the type of person who needs someone there you know. It isn't negative I just need to be surrounded by the people I like and Love.

I live too far away to just come home I have to stay here for work purposes and If I had a choice I would run out of this city. I can't put my mum in a position there is no work back home I am too old to be supported. My options are to live in a city alone for four months. I am not into all these stupid hey be my friend stuff come to knitting class rubbish. I miss all my friends and family :(