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I Need Some Help...

I just finished my first year of college and I dont know what to do with my relationship. Im a girl in a relationship with another girl. We've been together for 8 months and I just dont know how i feel anymore. It could be the fact that we are 8 hours away from each other but im starting to get ideas of breaking up. I just know I can't do it, I love her way to much and I cant picture my future without her, I mean I'm even living with her next year. I just feel like I wont ever be completely happy with her, when I'm with her or talking to her I've never been happier, it's just when we're apart I start thinking negative thoughts. Sometimes I wish she would break up with me and we could be great friends but she'll never do that. Another thing is, is that I think I want to be dating a guy... I'm just so lost and need help...please help me...
justneedsomeone justneedsomeone 16-17 2 Responses May 11, 2012

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Forget about your 8 months relationship. That is error. Do not take that seriously. You are straight and just forget and date a guy. Full stop.

If you truly love her than you should stay with her. Think about what could happen if you lose the love of your life and never find happiness at all? Partial happiness is better than none. If you truly have a great thing together and really love one another you should stay with her :) maybe if she is OK with it you could both try seeing how you feel with men? Maybe just to eliminate the curiosity?