I am a 38 yr old woman who recently left my husband. There was emotional & verbal abuse. I am living in my ex husbands father's home (he passed away & he wasnt using it). My husband went to a few classes with a counsellor & now he is telling me that he haslife changed. My 2 kids dont believe that a person can change after a month & i try 2 beleive him, but then i dont know how long it will last. Life is so hard right now. I am disabled & currently tryin to live on less than $600 a month, but the ends dont meet up. I have been hanging out with my husband & he has been giving me a little money now & then 2 help. I just feel so worthless. Im tryin so hard 2 raise my 2 kids, but what do i do?
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2 Responses May 11, 2012

Follow what your heart and your conscience tell you to do. I will be praying for you.

Thirty eight and disabled that is tough on top of change of life just around the corner to add to your emotions<br />
I also was divorced when I was 34, I had my emotional problem then too. I made some bad mistakes that made matter worse.<br />
If I were you and your husband is geting help try and hang in there for your childrens sake. I became too emotionally ill and was unable to care for them. It was heart breaking to see them hurt by this. <br />
Try to ignore his verbal abuses until you get stronger., then you can become less dependent on him and take some courses so you can support yourself