I Dont Know What To Do

i'm 21 years old. I've been in a relationship with a guy for 2years now, i really am in love with him but he's extremely abusive. He always calls me stupid, slow, a retard, and inappropriate words like the b word and so on, and also never lets me leave my house. I know your probably thinking im stupid for sticking around til now, but its complicated. i have no friends, i have no one there for me but him. My family doesn't seem to care about me either. before this relationship i was in one for 3years, and he cheated on me with a close friend. So now all i was looking for was someone safe. My current boyfriend isnt a cheater but everything else. so im torn and i feel like i cant take it anymore. i just need advise. im sick of being pushed around and treated like im nothing. i know people are just gonna say leave him but i want people to understand i have no body and im alone. there are also very personal reasons why im sticking around. i just wanted to get this out of my system i needed to vent.
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May 13, 2012