Hard Times And Experiences Gathered Against Me

I was living a healthy simple life (workout,boxing,football,etc) trying to stay out of troubles , being the good guy in the family , but got stabbed twice when i was defending my friend against 11 guy , don't know what they wanted from him.i was blamed for the fight . My family didn't care if i'm in pain or if i will recover , i passed the worst 4 weeks of my life , lost my muscle gained extra weight , i'm no more athletic . i'm paying the price of being good or what ??!! that's first story .
I also am a lonely guy knowing that i can have any girl but i don't like any even the pretty ones doesn't satisfy me i need one to love me for my personality not just for my look or for how money i have , i'm tired of faking smiles and stupid lies , i not happy , i want new friend meet new people but i can't for many reasons , i need friends that listen to waht i have to say and response not like i am talking to a wall ... I'm not a soft man i have a problem with telling my feeling but i had enough so here's a part of what i fell , if any body can reponse and give me an advise or an say any thing will make me feel better .
wizard159 wizard159
May 13, 2012