I am a 21 year old student and I am a guy. I think I may be a bit depressed.... I feel great almost all the time, but I overload my life so much that in the times it calms down I start thinking deep and asking questions about myself.

I am in a hostel and I'm am loving it, but I don't like most of the people living here. I like the people living near me but the others irritate me SO much. The hostel is like a frat house, so everybody does stuff together and party together. Everybody in the hostel is studying the same thing and I think that's why they irritate me, I think I need more variety.

In my life I have never stuck with a friend group for than 3 years and I never really come close to anybody in my various groups. I'vie only recently opened up to one female friend and one male friend (both not living in the hostel).

Study wise I think its going great but since last year I've lost my passion for the work we are studying. I'm doing medicine and I know that I want to be a doctor one day. It is just that I hate the modules and things, but I have worked under doctors and have loved it! But it is still frustrating to feel like I don't belong with the people I study with or that I hate the work we are doing at the moment.

I am on the head of a student organization and this gets me involved in  a lot of activities of different frat houses and sororities. There I have made many friends and but I only see them at parties... The organization also keeps me very busy.

Now on friends again.... I have always found that I have a bit of an obsessive personality and I tend to over think.... For example, I've met this one guy and we get along very well. But I do not like to message him as I feel that I might frighten him of if I invite him to a party or something. I feel like we could be brothers... but I don't want to come on too stongly.

Another aspect is that I have never had a real relationship.  I have had flings... but nothings serious. I also think I might be bi... But in the end I would love to find the girl of my dreams and start  a family.

Just to clear things up... The guy friend I (would like to) see as a brother has nothing to do with physical attraction.

I just think I need some advice or need to talk to someone to straighten out my feelings on my life, friendship, relationships and the over thinking......
Dan13l Dan13l
18-21, M
May 13, 2012