Help With My Studies

Well I have this problem...well not problem but maybe it's a controversy...
The thing is that right now I'm on my second year of University and well, I realized
that what I'm studying right now it's not the thing that I really want to study.
I talked with my parents and everything went really well and I'm going to change my career.
I'm going to change to Languages ( Becasue I love them ^^)...and I actually want to apply to
a Scholarship, it's a Japanese Scholarship, and I really want to go because it has always been my dream to go
and I don't have the money to go on my own! :( so this is my chance!
Obviously I need to study really hard! But i'm scared because the exams are very difficult ( Math) and
because I'm applying to Japanese language, I need to know some japanese.... So I'm scared and I don't know
I just feel really nervous and sometimes i feel very confidence but sometimes i don't...

So maybe someone could give me some advice or your opinion!? Thanks for taking your time
and read my little problem, but It's for my future and I woul like some help! Thanks! ^^
danmar96 danmar96
May 13, 2012