I Feel Like I'm Missing Out

All the time, I feel as if I'm missing out. People tell me it's because I moved schools at an awkward time, when groups are already formed and nowone wants to know anybody else. And I see people who are all having a laugh with each other and acting like family with each other, as well as friends. And I'm sick of being alone. I'm sick of nowone being there for me when I need them most. And I'm also sick of missing out the life of any normal adolescent.
Keltic95 Keltic95
22-25, M
1 Response May 14, 2012

I know that feeling. However in my experience the only thing keeping you from having no one is you. I move almost every year in the middle of the year. How I deal with it is by just being myself and people start to like me. What I think you should do is be yourself and try to find people with common interests if all else fails completely catch someone off guard. I once made a whole room full of friends by introducing myself and just saying hello to everyone individually. You'd be surprised how many people you'll like. Good luck. ^^

Yeah but the point is there are so many ignorant people in my school. And most of them have an attitude I don't really want to be-friend. I'd try and be-friend nice people, but even in their groups there are people who tell you to **** off. And it's driving me mad.