It Really Hurts

I dont feel loved, I have always felt rejected and used. I am in a position to help others, but I dont feel anyone can help me. I give myself unselfishly to my spouse and others, but feel that nobody understands my pain. I really do not feel my spouse loves me, she doesnt listen to my hurts, she just tells me to get over it. She is really selfish, and cares only how she feels. I feel all alone with no one I can talk to, I dont know what to do anymore, I have been hurt by people all of my life.
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2 Responses May 15, 2012

In we think the hardest thing to do is let go...But the really hard thing is holding on <br />
holding to something that you know is killing you from the inside out. when we stay for to long we start to think less of ourself. It's just like hearing that little voice in your head that you will never make it, however in our hearts we know we can...<br />
alright now you look inside and see how much you love that person cause if you love them more then you love yourself...Than you really need to understand love....<br />
love should never make you less than what you are...

this is the same way I do feel, and she also makes me feel like I am the selfish one....what did you do to make things better?