All About Appearance?

I don't understand why all Thai boys are so f_cking obsessed with girl's appearance. It's so awful that all Thai guys love girls who has the extremely white skin, extremely thin body,  extremely big eyes, too much make up LIKE BABY DOLL FACE! (sometimes it scare me) Hey wake up!!! we're not Japanese or Korean. And i don't understand too why all Thai girls are so obsessed with Korean girls style.. WHAT IS SO WRONG TO BE YOURSELF?? I just want everyone to be frankly with themselves about who they really are and i really hope that they will admit that the girls can't have that baby doll look all the time!!! It's so funny that guys love the girls who fake all the time trying to be cute rather to love the girl who be straight with herself and love who she really is .. it just not what i am
ThePartOfMe ThePartOfMe
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1 Response May 15, 2012

It's because of Hallyu a lot of Asians idolize Koreans this days.