Scared That I Might Lose The One I Love

Im 18 and iv fallen in love with this guy named Adrian...yes I know people are going to say that I'm to young and know nothing about love or even the meaning of it...but yes I do ..I learned the meaning of it in church. So yes I can say I'm in love..he changed me for the better. I wasn't always a churchy person nd I never really believed in God ...but he gave me that little push that I needed to go back in The right path ..Nd I thank him so much, I love the person he makes of me ...I wanted to change for the better(for myself) and he helped me..his family is just wonderful , I'm not only in love with him but with his family too . I feel like I belong there, I'm really happy when we all hang out together..yes any times I just want it to be just me and him..but I like hanging with the his family..cuz I feel part of them (a family). But for some reason I'm starting to change and get sad all the time and I really don't know why (I wish I did) and well he is apart ting to get tired of all this sad bull ****..and I think he just might feel different towards me. We got in a fight about it and it almost ended , after the fight things have been different ..but it's working it's self back to what it used to be ( happy about that) but some reason I just feel like he tells me he loves me just to say he doesn't even mean it anymore...and I feel he just wants sex (yes we've had sex before) I don't want to have sex with him cuz i feel like he is ganna just leave me right after it...and also i think he is cheating on me ( my heart says he isnt but my mind says he is) ..and what sucks is that I'm all open with him about my emotions and he isn't ,ya I understand that he's a guy but sometimes I would like for you to tell how happy you are with me (if you are even happy with me) . All he does is change the subject nd it really gets me sad...ugh I really don't know if he loves me or not, my heart says he does but my mind says other wise...I hate that I always think wrong ...nd I hate how I push the good things I have in my life away..I really don't want to lose him. I pray every day that me and him make it happily and in love together for the rest of our life's ...and hopefully make a family together,,nd have both of our family be one big family...I'm just ganna have to keep on praying and let God handle this ..Ill let him take control on what's ganna happen next ...I pray that I don't lose him...if your reading this,I please ask that you pray for me and him..and if you don't pray than I please ask that you have faith in us
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2 Responses May 15, 2012

If its the will of God, then hopefully the two of you will become husband and wife and you will give birth to establish a great family. IT IS WELL

Yes keep ur head in godsvword and he will see u through