My Story

if you ever felt you were surrounded by sea of problems and still wish to emerge as a winner; the only way i felt to do was to be patient and enjoy the problems and learn from them.

if you ever felt you were loosing after being in top for quite some time; the only way i felt to do was to think and strategize myself and take small steps to reach my milestones as i always know that if you are talented you will win at some point of time again in life.

if you felt cheated by your friends; the only way i felt to do was to smile at god and ask if you wished me to knowingly sound fool; i will be but do take care of my friends as they are ignorant of the loss they had by loosing me forever and i am willing to accept them if they honestly confess that they did repent loosing me.

if you felt your work has been copied and you tend to have to remain silent as you are just a subordinate; dont loose hope as the brickbats of your work will not rest in your shoulders and if appreciation comes in; you are confident that your work is good.

if you love me truly; honestly; and wish to be with me dont stop and begin communicating with me as i am experimenting with life to provide a method to madness.

if you wish to start something of your own;  i zealously help you and ensure your ideas get converted to realities

if you feel you are alone; feel lonely;sad; depressed the way i felt when i felt letdown because of incidents around me; i only looked back and patted my back to say i am born not to be sad or unhappy but to be a happy soul taking care of folks who are sad, depressed; lonely and have unfulfilled love

if you feel you mismanage yourself; then i can always find a solution for me; the one which may not be foolproof but nevertheless will guarantee you to manage self more better though a small cost is attached to it .. lol to spend again back on people
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3 Responses May 16, 2012

Thank you for the encouraging words!

reading your story have made my evening whole,as i go to sleep,i will keep your words in.thanks for your divine gift of help god bless you.your freind deleikaa

please share your feedbacks; doubts; questions on anything which came in your mind.. and am your friends from today. takecare. loads of love,care and affection.

yeh I go through this so much. having creative work stolen on me and others making money from it or people in my family walking over me.

I do still smile with god and my pets they keep me going.

you sound very supportive of others and do others give this back to you?

I am just wondering what you mean by "i am experimenting with life to provide a method to madness."

I think pure creative delights and scientific discovery can come from madness, but how far are you going here?

I embrace your ideas..!

the universal unknown truth of life is that all of us are born with both weaknesses and strengths. the more your strengths are demonstrated in life; you appear to be a winner and more your weaknesses surface we appear to be looser. the sheer victory or loss leads us to begin getting blurred in our thought processes. the world thinks we are going crazy and soon we dont know how to take control of such situation. i am trying to explore a possibility of trying to balance people's life if possible through such systematic pattern studies :) and have some model to contribute back to society. so enjoy life with me till then :) and do keep remembering me often as no one walks over us till we decide they need to walk over us. all emotional fools need to keep smiling seeing the load move over you and see the load releasing too sooner or latter. the baggage of previous moments are gone and now you are a free bird again. i dont expect anything from others for self but for others. obviously you need to sustain self for family; i aim to make it self sustained over period of time and then work towards a unified group who will have no qualms working for causes and also will keep getting benefitted by those work as i dont like to see a social worker being deprived of luxury just because they help the grassroot level. so need to make them comfortable at some point of time in life.

i am exploring the conditioned mind of people and get surprised too as to why we categorize people as can be friend; should be avoided or bring in strong emotions to that friendship. why cannot it be as simple as 'i wish to be friends to you no matter how you react and accept you for what you are as it is.