Family Problems

Well where to start, I am a wife and a mother of five wonderful kids, I am a Ranchers wife we work for my in-laws I don't work full time I only work when I am needed but it seems I am needed alot I do not get paid to work because they feel like they pay my husband enough for the both of us, our house is getting cramped and we have asked for an addition that we were promised two years ago (house is provided thru work) we did some research and found some prefab homes that maybe cheaper than adding on so we ran that by my in-laws and they are looking into it well thats obviously isn't my problem that was just giving you a little back ground, so the other day I had to go help cut down Hay so we can feed it to the cows in the winter, well my mom wanted me to go with her to do something else I explained that by the time she got done with her job I may have mine done so I maybe could go with her just let me know when she was done and I would see if I was done well things happened and by the time she was done I hadn't even started my job yet so no going with her, she sends well some other time I guess, I send that if I get this done today and I should then I don't have anything else to do tomorrow, I get back Tomorrow is bad for me usually running late I know you are busy and can't drop things for me. Not a Big deal busy time for the Smith's (changed last name to keep identity safe) which in my mothers terms means you can do for your in-laws but not me (in my opinion) I say when this is what pays the bills and gets me closer to having the house I want I have to do this, she sends Yep I know I have nothing sorry to get in your way. I send U know you are really being a big baby right now and not seeing this as me trying to get ahead in life you are only seeing it as me doing for my in-laws and not you. She sends back Well I have to give you credit it took you five years before you decided I had no value...No worth. I don't much like being called a baby but oh well I suppose I am jealous and a bit hurt but since what I think or feel has no bearing other than to make me look stupid and childish I will drop it. I will no longer bother you. This goes on to turn into her wanting to return the vehicle I am lending her to do her job that I had to pay 680. to put tires on for her and am still paying 275. a mo to the bank for and still paying the insurance on. My mother and I have always had a strained relationship but I moved her here five years ago because she had issues with my siblings I am starting to feel like I know y. But why do I feel guilty for doing my job so I can take care of my kids?
Dittogrl Dittogrl
31-35, F
May 17, 2012