Feel Helpless

I just got back yesterday from a mental hospital where i stayed for 6 days. In those 6 days, i learned what was making my like miserable and what i need to do to fix it. however, now that i am back, i don't have much enthusiasm to do the things i need to do for myself. I feel like i lack support and i don't feel very good about myself either. Maybe i should just get off of this websit and start doing something. I am going to go do my nails, then go dance for a little bit :D wow, i didn't think just talking about how i ddin't want to do anything would help me want to do something. It feels liberating posting this online. i wonder how long my enthusiam wil stay up for. I hope long enough, so i can get some things done and work on liking myself.
dupjang dupjang
18-21, F
1 Response May 17, 2012

Been there done that! I am happy you learned something while in the hospital. I personally found it to be very frustrating for me and yes coming home to the same stuff is rough. Especially when you are alone. Know that you are truly your own best friend and there are many out there that share your grief and frustration. I am hoping you can keep on keep'n on and writing does help. Whether it be on this site or journaling. Accept what is. Live in the moment. And be kind to yourself. Keep care!