I Have Had Sex With My First Cousin

My cousin came to visit and i havent seen him for about 4 years. He was staying with other relatives and stayed over a couple of nights. on the second night he stayed over, we were up most of the night catching up, talking about how we grew up..... i started to get weird vibes like he was hitting on me.. It felt wierd... and i just brushed it off... then i began to feel something when i was at work... i couldnt stop thinking about him.... we ended up at a party at my brothers house and it was awesum spending time together with the rest of the family as well..... but something felt odd between us... it was time to go home and he asked to stay... as soon as we got in the door.... i felt weird he touched me and before you know it we were kissing..... i thought oh **** what have i done... what are we doing... this is so not happening.... before you know it it was happeing and we did do it... and it was the best sex ive had.... hes gone now .... im thinking **** now this is gonna get awkward..!!!!! I do think i hav feelings for him...
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3 Responses May 18, 2012

So that means I am not alone. It is quite common and perhaps very natural and intense relationship. I miss my cousin too and she too was my first cousin.

im not sure when i will see him again but i keep repeating the whole night wondering if it was just me... did i take advantage... did i read things properly.... in the end im going to end up blaming myself....i will never tell anyone but im not so sure about him.... i feel anxious... and i feel sick... im scared... and i have feelings towards him.....if things were different it would be so bad.....

I can relate to this...in my late 20s, I had a homosexual relationship with my cousin which went on for nearly a year (mostly ********* & foursomes also involving my then-boyfriend and sometimes a friend of my cousin's). We eventually broke it off & he moved away so I rarely see him, but there are some awkward feelings involved & it was some of the best sex I've ever had as well.