Need An Honest Advice

Hello Friends

I am a man in love with a girl who has gone through a lot of miserable things in her life.
She is not well educated while I am a teacher.
In past she used to sell her body to strangers to feed her poor family.
She cannot give me a child as her body was once subjected to sexual violence when she was a child.
She is from another country, another religion and in her words... a world of continuous misery.

We met and she fell in love with me.
We spent some time together, which for her was an island of happiness in the middle of her restless life.
I came back to my country kissing her goodbye and with tears in her eyes she handed over her secrets on a paper.

I read about her life in the flight, and she told me to forget and forgive her for not telling me about her life...
as she just wanted to have a moment of peace... and some moments of love to help her live.

I love her, I want to marry her and take her away from her miserable life.
But she begs me not to complicate my life by  taking her as my wife... she says her life is too ****** up to fix.

She says love is not the only thing in this world... and all she wishes is me to have a happy life with some other girl.

Its been over an year... but I still cry thinking about the miseries that life has brought to her.
I love her, I have the resources to bring her some happiness, but she says I am being driven by my emotions... and I will get hurt when the realities of life will face us. We talk daily, but on her request we have stopped talking about a future together.

I donot know what to do. I want to help her... or maybe its me who need help in her presence.

I cannot discuss this with my friends and family as I donot believe they will see her the way I see her.

I need some honest advice...  "Is love really not enough to solve all matters that may come in our way?"
Am I thinking too emotionally? As in my mind... I think I am doing the right thing.

Thanks in advance.
TiredWings TiredWings
May 18, 2012