I Feel Like I'm Aloner And No One Will Listen.....

I always feel like I'm aloner and have no true friends. I feel like no one listens to me like I bother everyone. I always me but I always get done wrong. All I want is true friend's and be with someone. But I don't ever seeing that happening. I thought I found someone who liked me too but they don't. They did me so wrong and now I'm paying for it. Can't get over what they have done to me. I am depressed and alone and hurting from what they did. I meet someone who thought wanted the samething but they fouled me. They acted like we were friends but really we ain't. Finding that out now. They just used me for sex. But this guy had never gave me no friendship or nothing. We never dated. We never hung out or he never once wanted to know me. But the other women he been with or seeing now. He will give them chances after chances. Took them out on dates and all that still friends with them. But cut me completely out of his life. That hurts really bad. He never once cared for me. But he never have once told me why and won't I always will hate him for it. Never forgive or forget what he has done. I will never trust another. I will always wonder why me and what I did to deserve that? It's wrong what he did. Will he ever tell me why or will he ever Appauglize to me one day? Cause of him, I can't move on. Can anyone give me advise? Thanks for listening. I feel like I'm alone.
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I know how you feel, I always feel alone and nobody listens

your not alone sweetheart you have found a new found friend. I think you try to hard is all. We all want to be loved and have friend. I have a friend who is 60 has lived with her mother her who life and now her mom just turned 91. I told her I am there for her and she said she is glad because no one else gives a **** about her. So my ear is listening if you need me. Try to have a fantastic weekend!

Thanks. That's sweet. Glad someone knows what I'm talking about. Not many will listen to me. They are like Oh God here she goes again or they ignore me or roll their eyes. But I will sit and listen to them.

Sorry to hear about your experience Lil. So many guys on the net are jerks just cruizing for sex. Too many lonely people are taken advantage of that way it is beyond counting how may people are used the way you have described. How do you get over it? That is even harder because you have to believe in yourself and have hope there are good people out there worth meeting and talking too. But after getting used by this guy your brain says never again even though you know how miserable you are not having friends or someone special.<br />
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I guess my advice is look for friends first. Find some clubs, or charitiy to go to and meet people and try to put out a happy, friendy feeling. No one wants to be depressed and depressed people tend to drive people away.<br />
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Thanks that's good advice. I'm trying that.

You must forgive him and forget the pain. It's hard when you put yourself on the line to achieve happiness but that's one of the many stabs from life that you have to take and endure in order to move on. This person damaged you badly and you don't know where to turn to now, but everyone won't treat you that way not everyone's so bad its just those few individuals that are meant to make you miserable. It's people like that you have to watch out for, when the instant arrives where you feel that your in danger remove that person from your life so you won't get hurt. What I recommend is what I said above, forgive and forget. While he's enjoying himself or w/e, you're here still dwelling on the past. You have to let it go and move on with your life you can't let the pain hold you back from your unlimited potential.

Thanks again. I'm trying really hard too.