I Want To Be A Better Person

I have become really good friends with a friend from a long time ago. Honestly I feel comfortable around this individual and this person does too. Recently they told me about the fact that they really wanted to tell me something. I kind of blew it off (on accident) and it was forgotten about. Then they brought it up again. This time I listened and it was shocking, they told me that they liked to crossdress. This is a male friend who in my opinion seems to be pretty masculine. But who am I to judge... right? 

I thought I was a better person and was open to all people no matter what their preferences are in how they dress, sexuality, etc. I have gay friends and honestly even though I am slightly conflicted by this I have come to understand more and have even found peace withing myself about this issue. But this either caught me way off guard or I am not as open as I thought I was. 

The minute I heard this I really just wanted to turn away and stop talking to this individual. Not only is this completely mean but he deserves better. I would also be losing a friend that I too have confided in and have come to respect. 

He wants to be more open about this secret he's been hiding around me but I don't think that I am ready for that responsibility.  The fact that he confided in me shows the amount of trust he has in me and I feel like I am just throwing this trust down the toilet and letting a huge troll go number two on it.

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May 20, 2012