I Don't Know What To Do With Myself

I'm upset, terribly upset. My boyfriend of two months dumped me the other day. And I know what you're thinking. Two months...wow this girl is totally over reacting and being over dramatic. That's honestly the last thing I want people to think, even though they probably all think this. I want people to understand how painful this is. This guy was actually the best thing to ever to ever happen to me. I was getting over a guy I thought I loved for five years when I first met him. And I don't know I had a good feeling about him ever since that day, so i decided to talk to him and get to know him better. We started confiding in each other, telling each other our secrets and even baking for each other. People even thought we were going out and when he did finally ask me out I couldn't be happier. It was the happiest I had ever been in five years, I felt like I had a purpose again. He was the best boyfriend I had ever had in my life. But the other day I noticed something wrong. So I asked him and he told me he wasn't happy. He told me that it killed him that he couldn't but in enough effort into us because of his intense classes and his job. He told me that he still loved me but I deserved better. And all I said was no. No, I didn't care how much I saw him because whenever I was with him I couldn't be happier. No I don't deserve better, because no one could get better than you. But he didn't understand how I felt. So he let me go. Every time I see him, hear his name, or hear anything else that reminds me of him I just burst into tears. And no one understands why. Everyone just thinks i'm being over dramatic and attention seeking. And everyone who claims they want to help me don't know how. Everyone keeps telling me things are going to get better, but each day I'm without him is just worse. He told me he still loved me, but I know he's doing just fine without me. I feel dead again. I'm nothing.
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1 Response May 20, 2012

You go on, we all feel like that, It happens to all of us and will happen again, it sucks, it happens more times to some than others, "he loved you but you deserve better"? personal question did you sleep with him?...there are people out there that love the chase and once they get it..the thrill wears off..they want that thrill, the chase! the he loves you but you deserve better? Please! sounds like a movie line, thats a cop out on his part, its awful convient that he made time for you during those 2 months and if he really loved you..he would make the time..he might of met someone else and had no balls to be honest with you. turn your sadness into anger and get it over it. you think this guy is boo hooing over you? I bet he is out dating..and it will get better, you really should talk to someone, I understand getting hurt but your not letting it go and wasting all your time pining over guys that dumped you...of course he doing fine without you...when tells you that call him a loser...why even communicate with him at all????? your feeding his ego.....get mad.!..you got played.!.we all do..cut your losses and move on..wasted energy on these clowns..you got your whole life ahead of you..your going to waste on crying over 2 losers who could give 2 s(*ts about you...sitting in the house wont help..work out bike ride..take cardio kick boxing picture thier faces turn that sadness into anger..release it...