A Friend

my best friend moved back to brazil 3 years ago since than i just shut down she was my other half..since than i got marry and have my 15 moth old babygirl.. but nothing is the same i find my self sad because i don't have nobody to talk to that there is for me and have a showlder to cry. my husband is great but i just want my best friend back
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2 Responses May 20, 2012

i recently put my ego aside and send her a message and she has been feeling the same way i do. she said she misses me and we are one of kind and thats true we cryed and laughed together. thank you for listening and it look like even with the distance our friendship is strong.:)

yes i have all he information but its just akward now when we talk.. she made new friends and i don't know she changed.. its like we miss eachother but its just there there is no way to express it