About My Wife

we are always arguing, shes working in taiwan and im here in philippines, i dont have a job thats why she always mad me, but ill try evrything to be hired at any kind of job, but still no luck, because of that she wants to leave me, i really love my wife, i gave everything to her to see how much i love her, but still she did not appreciate it, shes my life, without her im i cant live anymore, thats why im thingking now to kill myself, please help me, give me some adviced.
johnwendelljacinto johnwendelljacinto
31-35, M
2 Responses May 21, 2012

thanks for the adviced, i really appreciate it, i hope we can settle this, right now i have a job offer, someone called me this afternoon. thanks again

I suggest that you keep trying to look for a job. I know it's discouraging but keep trying if you love your wife. You're going to lose her if this continue. Get it together. Don't let your emotion beat you down.