Issues Never Faced Before

I am at the lowest point in my life right now. I've developed anxiety something which I never faced before and has affected my academics pretty severely. I've always been a great person and student. I tried my hardest to overcome this on my own but failed so I told my parents who I always just wanted to make proud. They say they understand but then bring up smart remarks that I went to school to fail which makes me feel horrible than I already do. Some of my friends even blow me off now when I try to talk about it. This past year has been rough with even worse thoughts and I feel alone and helpless.
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18-21, M
4 Responses May 21, 2012

Don't take things too seriously and harshly in life, it will only make things worse or difficult to you.

I guess all the pressure to make my parents proud got to me and I lost self confidence in myself and I'm still trying to find it back, thanks for all of your advice

Hi I totally agree with everything in between.Figure out wat's causing anxiety and what made u not do well in academics. I t may be ssomething that u believe in lways makes u anxious. feel free to talk about it .

Its not even your fault you failed, and its not like you actually failed school itself! , and its not like you've all of a sudden became dumber! Anxiety is hard to cope with, it gets in the way, and gets worse especially if they're being negative... I really hope they would realise that and actually support you. For right now, you should try to figure out what causes you to be anxious. Just throwin it out there, if you need someone to talk to about whats goin on, dont be shy!