The Cherry On Top

Its a long story but here it goes... My mom read my friend's text messages when we were out and found out that he deals drugs, another friend that i have deals as well, and that i have done them. After arguing for days we settled it, or so i thought. She went and called "john's" mom and told her what she found. throughout this whole process i backed up my friends and didnt tell her anything else about them that could incriminate them further. John's mom took away his phone, car, and is making him go to rehab because of this. After being punished, john made up a story about hearing our moms talk(he wasnt even there when they did), he said that i told my mom everything about him and other people in order to save my own ***. John then proceeded to tell all my friends about this and now they are calling me a snitch and wont talk to me whatsoever. The worst part about this is that after talking to my mom today, she told me that he tried to get me in trouble further by asking why i wasnt in trouble and telling her more **** about me. he calls me a snitch but did that exact thing to me. So basically i have no friends, my mom ******* hates me, and i cant do anything about it. There is no way for me to prove my side of the story because of the way he has spun it around and now everyone believes him. Im at the point of fighting this kid, he has left me no options and is taking away my friends from me based on some bullshit lie. this is only the cherry on top of an already ****** up life that ive been having. both my parents are jobless, my dad is a raging alcoholic, my family is homeless and living in my friend's house(we have overstayed our welcome). Im out of options and i dont know what to do. if you have any advice, or for some reason have similar problems, please help me. i need advice.
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2 Responses May 22, 2012

I know it's hard when the world misunderstands you and it's hard to explain the situation to people. You should explain to your mom and if she still hates you then she is being immature and not what a parent should be. If you need a friend just talk to me. All the best.

1 if ur 18-21 ur a grown *** man u do what u want