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Basically I'm a college student. My sister offed herself my first semester. It screwed over my focus for the first and second semester.  I'm on academic probation. I'm not telling my parents if they do know they won't say anything because that's how my family works. We don't talk to each other. Never really have until now.  My little sis is pregnant with the boyfriend she ran away with and came back with and is living with my parents. All of this she did while underage. I'm back for the summer I need a job and I have an apartment I need to pay for next semester. I just need advice and someone to tell me that I did not **** up my future because of a ****** year and a ****** situation.
NhCb NhCb
1 Response May 23, 2012

As I can imagine you status quo, it's really tough for your parents to have your lil sis being pregnant in an early age, it's not your fault anyway. Back when I was in college, I f*cked up, I messed up and almost give up, but I realized, there are so many things happening in my family, everyday, every hour and every minute of our life. So I decided to take the wheels of my life, I decided to study harder for me to be able to give something back to my parents and that somehow they'll forget everything had happened in the past. And yeah, I am right. I finish my degree and they're really happy for me. Financial, is one of the issues of a college student. But don't give up. If there's a will, there's a way. Besides, it's not just for them, you should also consider yourself to make everything happen. I know you deserve better, and I wish you the best of luck!