I have severe social anxiety and agoraphobia but haven't been to see anyone because I don't have insurance. I've been with my husband for 6yrs. and he obviously knew about my problem. The last time I had a job was Jan. '09 and was fired for calling off too much (due to anxiety). Before that I was able to work because I was a single parent and cps was trying to get my kids. They've been out of my life since right before I got fired and as much as I hats to admit it, it's no longer enough. I haven't left my house for weeks, not even to get the mail. Anyway, last month we we're arguing, nothing big, and he basically said he either wants me to get a job or get out. Later he said he didn't mean it but I was shown a few dating profiles of his. He swears he didn't do it but I don't believe him. Today he basically told me he didn't believe I have problems, I just make excuses. What should I do about my mental problems and my "husband "? Hes been to sole provider for 3 yrs. And none of my kids are his so he didn't have to marry me in the first place but I cant take anymore flip flopping.
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you know what i am going thought the same thing but 4 of the kids are his and it did not start out all that bad then the days started to be well less and less out side i hate peopleand i love my man but he just dont get it