Scared And Lost

I am 33 years old a single mother
I have never being so scared .... life  his so heavy on me nothing I try work , I try to move but I am still at the same spot. now its not only about me but its about my 7 years old son . I run out of solution I am working but  bills still making more then I do.loll  I laugh cause if I don't I am  afraid to go crazy.
 I know some people have worst situation then I have  , but I am still in charge of what I am going through .
 I left my country 7years ago to  follow someone  that i remember say  loved me , someone I loved  but the  dream  didn't last long when he persuade me that I need to go to another country to sturdy  to get a better education with our son , he help me to do all   the paper work that  I am grateful for after a while he stop calling stop writing  stop sending money  I was trap in the big world  that i didn't know nothing about ,I had no one  to hold on to , a friend toke me in for almost a year , after I find a job I move on my own struggle day after day I cant   go back to school because no help with the bills , I cant get a better job cause  not enough education ,for the past 6 years I saw the father of my son he is move on  with his life he even have another 2years old son . now iI know for sure I wont take him back even if that was the last way to get out of this mess . I am here typing because I do not like to tell friends my problem that later on they will use as the pity tropic  . I am here to release my tress who knows some body may give me advice . I am looking for a better job now as a FRONT GUEST /CONCIERGE  with hotel like  THE HILTON, THE FOUR SEASONS , THE COURTYARD ,  so I can   HELP MY SELF AND MY SON  I want to move to Georgia Atlanta .  I need help  so LATER ON I can think about meeting somebody to enjoy life but now to much stress and bills to worry about.  

thanks to all of you that taking the time to read this
if you going to the same think hope the Lord Jesus help soon .
we maybe have the solution but just don't know where to start.
May 24, 2012