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I was married once now im on ny devorce and im with somebody that has a kid, a job in ucla and usc and she is in school and having me as her boyfriend but i am 200 miles away from her on week days, the only time i see her is on week end minus the week end if her daughter is with her. Cause she live with her mom and step dad, were together for almost a year now. And now i feel that i an not her priority cause her priority is her daughter, her school and work since im hundred miles away from her. Recently were been arguing about our distance to each other, about getting a place together when i come back from deployment cause im currently in the military but soon i will transfer to be close to her. I dont know how will i handle the stress of being inlive with her and the distance betwen us right now plus the fact that i only see her on week ends. I am so confuse if i should stay in this rejationhip cause verytime we argue about her making me her priority on a week end ahe always say that her daughter is her priority and nothing takes precedence over her daughter. I seriously doubt if she really loce me or not. I know she cant just movevto be close with me because if get daighter and work and school that why im the one who drives every week end just to see her and spend time with her. What should i do? Pls help!
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Tell me what is the best thing to do!