Mother Issues...

Hell, I wrote a damn poem about it. I know, it screams "angst-y teenager alert," but I had to write what I felt down in some form and poetry was the first thing, sorry. As the title says above...well, here's the poem:

She was my friend
But you thought of her as more
You thought of her as a daughter,

Why do you think your kids ran off?
Not because they don't love you, no
It's because of you, pushing them away
Making them feel little more than a foe

The dreams you crushed,
The things you said,
Psychologically, you ****** up
You've made your bed

Now, you've got to sleep in it:
You did this on your own
It's no one elses fault
So put down the phone

And listen up, Mother,
You who destroyed my world
Who focused on my friend
As your real daughter unfurled

Who pushed the eldest,
That bright young boy,
Now a variable drunk
Because his mind was your toy

Your middle one who played
Now has gone away
I don't see my sister anymore
Because you couldn't care to make her stay

And conform to what you want,
Like I did until now
I'm done with you and your ideals
Just wait until you see the path I plow

Why don't you go back to her,
My friend that I once knew?
Why am I leaving you ask?
What did you make me do?

I'll say it very simply
I'll put it to you this way,
My friend got 18 white rose,
What did I get on my birthday?

When did you support my dreams?
When did you allow me to be?
When did you stop caring
And begin to destroy me?
Zyrie Zyrie
18-21, F
May 25, 2012