In A Slump

I'm 21 and I'm at a very confusing point in my life. I have a very sweet boyfriend and great parent. I'm in college but I just can't seem to find the point in school. I've lost the umff in life. im not doing as well as I would like to in school. My boyfriend is constantly getting upset with me for it. Nothing makes him happy or proud of me. I want to just be able to do good in school and make him happy and proud. When he gets upset with me he hardly talks to me for days and treats me like if I weren't even his girlfriend. It makes me feel terrible and I don't think he's realized it yet even thought I've talked to him about it numerous times. I got like feeling sad or like in stupid and that's how he's been making me feel lately. I need to have that spark back in my life. I need to feel happy agian so I can feel confident and do well in school, i just dont know how to do that.
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1 Response Jun 3, 2012

I Am A Pychic If U Need Help Please Dont Worrie Im here illhelp you thorw every thing okay if you wanna talk im here text me back illl be here 11am-9pm okay text im also 20<br />
talk to me ......