I Need Someone To Get Me.

i am one of the people who don't make friends very easily. I used to be good at having one friend who was always there when I needed it, a person who understands my core. Who knows and gets where I'm coming from. As I got older though, most of my friendships, I feel, is only friendships on the surface. I never talk to anyone about what is going on inside, because most of the people I know either wouldn't understand, or would make it all be an occasion to tell me a story about themselves.

I simply want someone to get me. I am not even talking about a romantic connection, I just need someone to get me, to sympathise with me, tell me they understand. Someone who will listen. Not someone who is talking about how great my hair looks and where we're going to get drinks next. Someone to be honest and tell me when I am out of line, or tell me that I am making a big mistake. Someone who will be there to listen and come over to talk when my world is crashing. Obviously, I will do the same to them when they need it. I will be there to support and listen.

I just really miss bonding, really bonding with someone. As I said, not necessarily romantically, just that feeling of really having the kind of connection where you don't even have to say anything to enjoy each other's company. I haven't had that for years, and I miss it.
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Du kan altid snakke med med mig:)

This is a hard thing to find,people usually are only friends on the surface,and they are not interested in finding out who you are,even if you help someone so many times,they turn out the same,only interested in themselves.

We all want someone to "GET" us. To feel understood is not the same as being told they understand.

Wow, this is like spot on. I am in a very simular postion. I used to have alot friends who we're very close, but as people mooved on with lives and started an education in other towns we kinda drifted apart, as they quickly made new friends, but I seemed to lack behind. Thanks for the story - Hope we can chat sometime if you still need someone.

Thanks for your comment. I wrote this for the exact purpose of letting others know they are not alone. Loneliness is just a state of mind. I wrote this some months ago, and since then I have begun focusing on the things I have instead of the things I don't have. I have started selecting my group of friends more, so that I only spend time with people who I feel give me something. I have taken up some of my old hobbies (writing for example), so that I do things that make sense to me. I have begun healing, and I feel better, even though I still have bad days. You are welcome to send me a pm, I would love to talk to more people in here.


We can be friends if you want to :)

Well, so what are your interests? What are some things that you are good at, things you like to do? Do you do those things very often? If you could have one job, any job, what would it be and why? How's your summer going so far? How did you find out about experience project?

The only real interest I have is karaoke, and I already do that alot. But that doesn't really get me a lot of contact. My summer is okay, I try to do the things I like. Reading and writing, singing, going out.. Only problem is, I hate doing all those things alone.. I found it some time ago via a Google search, I have really come to enjoy it.

Cool. Well at least you've got EP. I wonder if there aren't groups where you can meet up with people in your area. What kinds of songs do you like to sing? What kinds of things do you write? Then there's school like maybe an art/music/dance/poetry class would be a good idea. When I feel brave enough I sometimes ask others if they want to get coffee or frozen yogurt after the class, especially when there's collaboration and interaction with other students where we can talk in class.

I took up your advice for consideration and I decided to join a local choir. Maybe it will give me a chance to meet new people and try new things. Thank you so much for your support! it really means a lot more than you think.

Cool, thanks and you're welcome! Glad I could help and have fun in the choir!

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