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I'm Angry All The Time

all the i'm angry and don't know why and thing that make me angry all people do.i want to stop being angry .what people make me angry like being stupid i'm not saying i'm genius but really they can't understand me and then say the stupid things and stupid question the only thing that makes me not angry is playing football  but of course i'll not play football for in every where .so what should i do . i'll be thankful for any advice i'll appreciate it really.thanks

p.s please don't say silly comments
Mvendetta2 Mvendetta2 18-21, M 1 Response Jun 7, 2012

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I think you have to identify what is making you angry, write it down. Become aware of it.Write it down,read it and see if you can get another perspective on it. If you are in a situation that is making you angry remove yourself from it. Do some positive self talk and add more positive and fun activities in your life. Good luck --- have some fun

thanks a lot. your saying came from an experienced one.