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How To Enrich My Life

I'm about to start college and my teacher said to do this thing called stem science technology engineering or mathematics. I'm only good at one and that's technology and I was going to major in computer science but I don't want to anymore really cause I feel like that's not were I really want to be. I want to major in something that will make me rich in life money wise I want to be an dentist but the college I am going to has a pre dental minor not major so I do not know what to do. I want to go into the air force after college so I can be a labortatory dentist were they help put on dentures and when I get into the air force I will be an officer cause of college but I want to major in something that will make me rich were I can afford range rovers and stuff like that. Like a very high middle class or like a low high class I want to be rich but just not to rich. I don't want lambo or bentleys I want like 70000 to 80000 cars. I just want to be good to my wife and kids I just want to major in something I will not regret later in life.
Mattdalegend Mattdalegend 16-17 1 Response Jun 16, 2012

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Nice to see you have such profound life goals.