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I Love Him Like A Real Dad

I once thought of going to church because of all the pain I had inside me I'm only 16 and have gone through a lot . Church helped me a lot and I got realy close to the pastor he became a father to me . I learned to love him with all my heart and know I'm scared because I need to leave to a new state and I don't know If I could life with out him his been there for me on everything that I have needed . Something that my real dad never did . And know I'm scared don't know what to do . And another thing is that the pastors wife is kinda jealose of me but knoeing that I don't see him as something else I see him as a real dad someone that has been there for me and I had to step aside for a while to not make any problems but I realy don't know what to do
Sleepless96 Sleepless96 16-17, F Jun 23, 2012

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