I Give Up

I've thrown in the towel, I surrender, I'm finished. I've always been a fighter in life and have always clung onto hope as a reason to continue fighting problems and battles in life, but I quit. Every time I get a glimmer of hope that I will be happy, some event always follows and shreds that glimmer of hope up. I'm tired of holding on to false hope. I'm going to have to accept the fact that I will always be alone an miserable in this world. I don't really care about anything anymore, even myself. I have zero confidence anymore and am done fighting a losing battle. Society, you win.
pflz91 pflz91
18-21, M
2 Responses Jun 24, 2012

don't gave up things will get better fore you

hey. i know how u feel. right now it may seem that every chance of hapiness is taken away from you. you have to keep fighting no matter what! i thought like you until someone gave me a wake up call. the only way you can be happy is of you TRY. giving up is the worst thing to do. this is how i thought of it. i never had or will have as much confidence as other ppl. i used to get jealous of everyone that they were happy and i wasnt. i thought if i get over this damn high wall ill be much happier than anyone. thinking back that brick wall wasnt that tall. if u need to talk im here