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My Life, I Don't Know What To Do

I am so lost I don't know what to do anymore
I try and I try to do what's right but I'm so lost
I think about killing myself almost everyday and
Idk what to do anymore as a kid my father abused
Me physically and sexually then he left and I started
Drugs, my mom blamed me for him leaving even
Though up until right now I have never told anyone
What he did
A couple days before my 13th birthday I went to a
Party and was raped I never even knew the man who
Did it
The memories haunt me everyday I just want out
Kittysmilez Kittysmilez 16-17, F 4 Responses Jun 26, 2012

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Sorry for all the pain that you are experiencing. Even though it will be hard, you need to find someone whom you can share your past with. Nobody deserves what you have experienced especially a minor. You have to seek help in dealing with the abuse your father put you through, even if he gets in trouble for it. You also need to try and find out who raped you at the party and rat them out also. Protect yourself and not the abusers.

Oh boo. You know you can talk to me anytime you need to.

This will sound like a crock right now, but it will get better. Not tomorrow or the next day, but it will. I was raped and abused, and I felt like everyday lasted forever and hurt to the point I didn't think I could take anymore. I am here to tell you, it will get better. You won't forget, but it won't control you. It will be hard, but you will make it through this because you are tough enough to do it. If you made it this far, you can go farther. If you need to talk, drop me a line at FB, for Mouth Inoff. I promise to listen.

You just some people around you , you need a few good friends that support you and help you , just don't be alone you have been through a lot and yet you are here. you are so strong it's so obv.<br />
I'd like to talk to you and try to help and support you if you want. just inbox me on my fb or something and I will do my best to help you (