My Hero

Ya, my dad was a fireman. On the night i was born he was getting readyvto go on a house fire call when he got the news. He was atvthe hospital when i was born. He stopped being a fireman after i was born cuz he didnt want his boy to grow up without a fatger. When i was young i wanted to be like daf but as i grew up i found all of these other things thatvi was good at and my dreams shifted. Then about a year ago a friend asked me to go to a fire science field day at the college he was planning on attending. So i told my dad and he said we would go together. Well the day came and he wasnt feeling well so i went without him. That night i came home with a grin from ear to ear and i promisd him i was goung to do that for the rest of my life. We both joined a local volunteer department and have been apart of the world ever since. He is my hero and i am proud to follow him into a burning building any day. I love you dad
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SooOO nice.<br />
I am sure he is proud a bout u too.