New Partner, New Life, New Problems

Now im going to feel like crap sharing this because its something i feel pretty disgusted in myself for feeling but i also need to get it out.

My new partner moved in with me about 4 months, we both have a child from a previous relationship. My partner has his son over the weekend and has him every other wednesday.

This at first was a quite an adjustment for me and my son but we both look forward to it now and have both got into the routine of him being here over the weekend.

Today though he rings and tells me that he'll be having his son from Wednesday to Sunday this week, when i got off the phone to him, i was pretty annoyed, he didnt ask me if its ok or anything. Like i said i feel awful for feeling this way because i love his son to bits but i feel like im not important enough to be asked about these things and for the fact that this is my house and he's not treating it like it is.

My life is pretty hard atm, my sons father died a few months ago and me and my son are still grieving and adjusting with that and i dont if its because of that why im feeling the way i am.

So can please someone give me some advice to why im feeling this way and how to fix it and if its normal or not ???????
misshideaway misshideaway
22-25, F
Jul 4, 2012