Just A Ear Or Two Would Be Nice

I feel...like speaking to somebody for some reason. Like meeting somebody for some reason. I want to talk about life and how it's going, what problems are there in your life, are you happy, what do you like to do, things like that.

I can very well might as well knock on a neighbor's door but that would be awkward. I know when college starts in the fall for me I will be meeting more people which will be nice, and getting out more.

Just be a friend and talk to me, and I'll reciprocate it for you.
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2 Responses Jul 4, 2012

I'm always around to listen and help...hit me up!

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How are you? I sense how you feel cos real communication is lost these days and I know I feel isolated by the world that has replaced it. sorry if it sounds very deep! But when things like for example wimbledon is on, this or that is on, a sport like the olympics..which am dreading cos nobody will have time for proper conversations, let alone tightening up friendships and looking to meet new people. Would be lovely to chat, i will be honest though I am coming from a very lonely place in life right now. I hope i can be of good company and conversation if you would like, though.