My Sister My Best Friend

Just a few minutes ago my oldest sister and best friend i'll call her Evelyn was told by her doctor that she is in early stages of kidney failure,I told her not to worry so much but and put it in Gods hand's,however i don't think that gave her much comfort,to be honest it didn't me either.
How can i be supportive to her when i'm scared of losing her? I love her so much she has been my best friend since i've been born,I love God and trust him its just i have already lost so many people I love i don't think i could handle losing anyone else but especially not her,so if there is any true believers in GOD out there please keep her and our family in your prayers i'd be very appreciative of them.
To tell you a little more about her she is36years old,married and has four children under the age of12.
Thanks for reading my story.

31-35, F
Jul 25, 2012