I miss him so much. I love him. It's like I'm gonna melt. How could I forget him, those moments with him are still fresh, though we didnt see each for months, I still can remember the handsomeness and the proportion of his face. Haay, it's like I own him, we didn't even had a serious relatioship and will not be. I remember when he txted me that he want to meet with me, I said yes, on that day when we supposed to meet, I waited for him so long, I do things just to not let my self bored and just waiting for his text, but he didnt, he didnt come, he didnt even text that he cant come, on the night I cried so much, I can't resist crying because i thought that it is the time that we will be toghether but nothing happen. Now that I know he now has a girlfriend, he had broke my heart, my world turns upside down, haay that girl, she is a model, a campus crush, how can compete? I can't, maybe I should let go and forget him, I tried but I can't, its so hard, I think of him day and night, every seconds and minutes I think of him, its so hard, i want to forget him and erase him throughout but I cant, all I can do is to accept.
vhanllamasares vhanllamasares
18-21, F
1 Response Aug 6, 2012

He's a jerk and doesn't deserve someone like you.<br />
Honestly, you need to move on and find someone better than him (Trust me, that won't be hard). Because he's not clearly worthy of being with someone like you. Ok? Things always happen for a reason, and you just weeded him out from the rest of them. <br />
I'm a guy too, but a guy who can't even take care of someone he's with or have pride in her shouldn't be allowed to have a girl as pure-hearted as you. Seriously just move on. I hope my words could help you.