Hi my name is sally lambard and a a few days ago i was talking to this guy and he asked me here i live so i told him and then the next day he came back and asked me if i had a boyfriend and i said no, So i told him what age i am and he told me what age he is i'm 18 years old and he's 26 years old. But the thing is that i really like him and he said that i'm to young for him now does the age between us matter or not? But i don't know what to tell him would it be possible if someone gave me some tips please thank you.
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Thank you all every much.

well i would like to tell you that im 29 and im looking for a woman on the internet i think you would be a little young for me but not all men look at age as a bad thing if you like this guy keep talking and you will find out if he likes you as much but just talk dont do anything you wont like yourself for.

tip one: be careful.<br />
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the age difference doesn't have to be important, but it means you need to be even more sure you like him than you would with a guy your own age... nothing wrong with going slow and making sure it's right is there?<br />
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best wishes for you<br />
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