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Someone who can understand and relate. Someone to just lend an open ear without criticism, judgement or prejudice. Not all the time, just sometimes. I'm not one to really talk about anything, I usually just keep it to myself; but occasionally I need someone there to just pour my soul out to. Just to make me feel better for a while. I try not to be selfish with it and I'm not one for attention in that aspect. Everyone needs to vent from time to time though. Someone they can trust, someone with compassion, someone they can share things with. Where are these kind of people, or ist it just me? I admit that I find it difficult to talk about things and get it out into the open, so is it just me? Maybe so, maybe not, I'm not sure.
wildonedreaming wildonedreaming 22-25, F 5 Responses Aug 26, 2012

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Thank you all for your comments. I have indeed found this site to be quite helpful. It does seem easier to open up here since, as eelarc mentioned, no one knows who I am personally.

I came to this site for this very reason. I have a very difficult time trusting people with my inner feelings, and it never seems to go away. I'd like to open up more. But I'd also like to be there for people like you. So if you ever need someone to say anything, without being judged at all, I'm totally here.

This site is a good place to share you feelings and frustrations. No one knows you here so there are no repercussions. Say what you mean, say what you want. Be heard and find people who are having similar experiences to you.

Feel free to say just about anything i do feel lonely too sometimes maybe we will find we have somethings in common

I would like to be the first to offer myself as someone you can simply vent to, chat with, and or bend my ear from time to time. I've always been a good listener as I have always been this was for my friends when they need it. I dont judge people as I have done things I'm not proud of in my life. I consider myself understanding and compassionate as well.

Thank you, sweetie. I very much appreciate it. I have only joined the site a very short time ago, it's nice to see that there are people out there with compassion and understanding who willing to lend an open ear; and that, I thank you for. I was a bit surprised that someone would respond to this, but I am glad you did.

I know what it feels like. I dont normaly have anyone to talk to as I have always been my friend go to person. I have met some nice people on here. I dont mind listening should people need someone to talk to. I once tried to become a counselor but I had failed my GED tests and never did anything to ferther that.

I'm sorry about your GED, hon. I think that it is great that you have tried something like that. I have considered psychology, counselor and other fields of that nature also. I like to listen to other people, but I find it difficult often to let my feelings out and to find people that I think are trusting and understanding. I think that I will make some progress here though. The more I read up on things here, the more I see that.

Yea I'm the same way. I cant talk to my friends as I dont feel that they are understanding enough and I have trust issues as well. It seems as though no matter what I have been through with my friends I just dont feel that I can trust them enough to share my feelings with them.

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