Need Advise

It feels like I lost everything this year. All my friends left, I dont blame them. I made a lot of irrational decisions and now im paying for them. My anxiety and depression just got the best of me and I let it show. Its all just embarrassing and I just want to get better. I dont do anything anymore and im only 20, I feel like im in my 50's. I never want to see anyone becuase I just feel ashamed of what I have become. I cant live like this anymore something in me needs to change.
marbear marbear
1 Response Sep 5, 2012

Hi, look. I also had hard times last year and I drove a lot of my friends away because of my temper... but I figured that the reason of all my frustration and outbursts was not them, but my job. I wasn't satisfied with the work I was doing and I tried to cope but couldn't. But what I learnt was that you will have atleast 1 friend when you really need them. Don't shy away from apologizing to ppl you hurt, and I am sure u ll b through this. If you need to talk, I can listen.