My Life

all i ever wanted was a partner to share our life togathe
and have our 60 th wedding anniversty, but all i got
was a divorce 3 times,so tired of looking and being let down
loosing time money homes memories, tired of fighting the system and comming up empty have been or dated anyone for 4 years and counting , and right now i dont care to be with the human race, always judging with i dont care attitude and if i give you a crumb i want a million dollars in return, i aint perfect never claim to be, i just know what works i my life and sometimes i get over extended but it helps with growth, i moved from one state to another and find it is worse now then what was behind me in some cases
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1 Response Sep 6, 2012

It sounds like you have a lot of discontentment in your life. You've probably decided (wisely) that it's better for you, not to date. But you still need people, healthy friendships. God uses community to bring healing and growth in our lives.