Girlfirend Trouble

I have been with her for almost 2 years and 3weeks ago she decided she wanted a break to decide if she still wanted the relationship so I agreed and give her some space but we talked a little to, she then went on holiday and got fingered twice by someone, she had just told me yesterday that she still wants to be with me and about this incident I am trying to forgive her and will in time but do you class this as cheating on her behalf or what.... I just need someone to talk to about it:) thankyou
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2 Responses Sep 8, 2012

If you really forgive her, thats fine. If you don't, don't hold it in. It will come out as an ugly monster.

If you think its cheating, it is.You guys weren't broken up and its a 2 yr relationship. How would she feel if you got a hand;ob from some girl while she was out of town? I don't know the details of your relationship but beware of becoming a doormat