I Don't Want To Fight Anymore...

I have been considering joining the military since December. I told my boyfriend then and we had a fight about it. In December we weren't dating at the time but were talking about getting back together. We have been together for six months. I try not to bring it up but sometimes I have to talk about it because I need someone to talk to. "Talking about it" becomes "arguing" and then that becomes a fight. We haven't talked about it in a couple days, which is a good thing. He says he will do anything for me to not join. Literally, anything. He doesn't want me to join but he also understands that it's not his decision. He says he will still love and support me no matter what my decision is, but he can't even have a simple conversation with me about it. . . .at least, not a calm one. What do I do?
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1 Response Sep 8, 2012

Military relationships are hard. The stress level is far higher than pretty much any other kind of relationship. Long separations sometimes up to two years at a time. The one at home constantly worries about the one away. Are they ok? Are they thinking about me? Do they still feel the same way? Have they found someone else? How will I handle this problem? The one that is away has the same worries plus the detail of people trying to kill them or merely hating them depending on where they are. The divorce rate is far higher than in the normal world. Throw kids in and the stress rate goes higher.

I know they are hard. He knows I won't stop loving him. He knows he doesn't have to worry about that. He's just scared of losing me. Not being around. It makes him physically sick just to think about it.