Comfortable In The Heat

I've always found the heat comforting. Sometimes I would get on my bike in the middle of the worst afternoon heats in July or August and I'd ride for hours and hours in random directions. Sometimes getting dizzy from the heat. It's almost like a drug, it takes you to another plane. In these moments, if you're riding in the countryside, the streets are completely empty and quiet. Nothing but you and the relentless scorching sun over you. And the old pavement, cracked from the heat. Some hills in the distance. Not much noise - hardly any at all. Maybe a cricket here and there and some little animal making its way through the bushes. Sometimes I would go really far, to places with no civilization within a mile radius. I'd stop riding and would just stand there in the complete silence, surrounded by hills and huge open fields covered with dry yellowish grass that's withering under the merciless sun. Breathe in and out. No one can touch you there. You're bullet-proof. Time has stopped until further notice. So I just stand there - comfortable in the heat. Sometimes for long.

Summer is like a deep sleep. The days are so hot, your mind dissolves and you enter a kind of a trance that lasts a few months. It has a look, sound, smell and rhythm of its own and when autumn begins to approach it's like you're slowly coming to consciousness. You become more perceptive and sharp, and the blur slides into focus. It's not always great, but it is a distinguishable feeling. It's like time restarts and the world is aging again.

Why am I writing this? I'm not sure. I heard a very touching acoustic guitar melody and it got me thinking. Wish I had someone to share these random thoughts with. But the really wishful part of the whole thing is that they would actually enjoy hearing them. I hope some of you will have made it to the end of whatever this is. And I really hope that one or two of you will like what they read.

It's very late and I can hear the crickets right now, outside my window. You listen long enough and it's like theyre saying things. In a monotonous and calm kind of way. They've been there for a while and will be long after we're gone, so why rush?
SingleServingFriend SingleServingFriend
22-25, M
Sep 9, 2012