I Miss Her So Much :'(

Hello folks,
So long story short. My girlfriend and I applied to the same set of schools and wanted to do grad school together. However a twist of fate , she didnt get admitted to the university I got into and I couldnt afford her university. Now, we're living on opposite sides of the country , 8 hours away from each other. So we were forced into a long distance relation .I love her to bits and cant forgive myself for not being able to be with her. I somehow feel im losing her, since she has other 'guys' hitting on her and she often doesnt have the time to answer my calls/ text me. I understand that I may be coming across as immature, but Im finding it truly very difficult to cope up with grad studies and the pain.
She does have an option to transfer to my university, but she says the pain involved in relocating all over again(we are from another country) is way too much.. Have I lost her ? Or is it genuinely her not being able to cope?

I have literally lost interest in life and studies because of all this.

Hope someone can help.

ConfusedMind87 ConfusedMind87
22-25, M
Sep 11, 2012