I Need A No Judgments Trusting Penpal To Talk To

I look at my life sometimes and I can't believe everything that's happened already... and I'm exhausted.
I am so damaged. I am so broken.
I am used to bottling everything up... but I may need to let it out.
Parents, adoption, loss, love, self-discovery, prejudice, ... I feel like I'm going to explode.

I'd like someone who is willing to listen and have long, detailed, deep, personal, conversations with me. I want honest opinions. I want confidentiality. I want a friend.

I can return the favor.
Sternmastercloid Sternmastercloid
2 Responses Sep 12, 2012

We can be friends,I need one too... Badly

Hi, if you ever want to talk i will listen to what have you have to say. And what ever is said will be kept confidential. I am struggling at the moment too, and like you just need someone to talk to, wont judge and i be a friend.